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The short version…

Simon Smith is a freelance writer and journalist based in Halifax Nova Scotia.

He’s passionate about local news, culture, and storytelling.

He writes about business, travel, and Halifax happenings.

Hiking Mt. Washington | August, 2019

The long version…

Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Simon moved to Nova Scotia in 2013 to study at St. Francis Xavier University.

After receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration, he worked as a digital marketer for a Halifax-based non-profit fundraising company. This work reignited his latent interest in media and journalism and he decided to study journalism at the University of King’s College. The program wasn’t due to start for another year, so he jetted off to Southeast Asia to travel and teach English.

Now, Simon is set to graduate with a Bachelor of Journalism in May 2020. He has published work on and has written content for organizations across various industries. He continues to look for new opportunities to write informative, engaging digital content and hopes to discover new passions and interests along the way.

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