Simon Smith

Hi, I’m Simon.

The short version…

I’m a freelance writer, digital marketing specialist, and journalist.

I’m passionate about local business, travel, and storytelling.

I write about freelancing, small business, life in Halifax, and other things that interest me.

Hiking Mt. Washington | August, 2019

My Story

Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, I moved to Nova Scotia in 2013 to study at St. Francis Xavier University.

After receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration, I started working as a digital marketer for a Halifax-based, adventure-experience company. The company hosts events that push people outside their comfort zones to raise money for non-profits.

I was fascinated by the media’s impact on the success of these events. They drew local and, sometimes, even national coverage on major news outlets, allowing our clients to amplify their reach tenfold. This reignited my dormant interest in media and journalism.

Fuelled by my excitement for a new career path, I applied to study Journalism at the University of King’s College. The program wasn’t due to start for another year, so I jetted off to Southeast Asia to travel and teach English. Here, I discovered a passion for teaching that I never expected. I continue to teach English online.

Now, I’m beginning my adventure in the world of journalism. I’m ready for the challenge and hope to discover new passions and interests along the way. I’ll be using this website to share what I learn and document my successes and failures.

Check out my blog to find out what I’ve learned lately.

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