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My first blog post

Yes, I kept the default title for my first blog post. Why? I honestly have no idea what to write, so I’ve decided to let this blog be very stream-of-consciousness and a place to organize my thoughts. Here goes…

I’ve never been good at nailing down exactly how I’m feeling or thinking about something in the moment. That is, until I’m able to sit down, relax, and write about it. It’s a wonder, then, that I’m only now trying to start a career as a writer. I’ve always loved to write but I never allowed myself to do it for fun. I would be the designated writer for group projects in school or the one to “draft something up” at work but I never spent my free time writing. That is, until now.

This year, I’ll be studying Journalism at the University of King’s College. I decided to apply for this one-year program after a disheartening start to my marketing career. After graduating St. Francis Xavier University, I was offered a Marketing Coordinator job with an events company in Halifax. I thought I’d hit the jackpot. The company had values I could get behind and a small, team-oriented environment. They brought me on as part of a small team devoted to launching a new line of business. I was over the moon. I accepted the offer and started brainstorming all the different things I could do to help the company reach its goals.

The first few months on the job were great. I got along with my coworkers and learned a lot about digital marketing. I started drafting strategies and campaigns to generate web traffic and leads to support sales. In my mind, I was on my way to a fulfilling career in marketing that would provide plenty of opportunities for growth, both personal and professional.

Then everything changed.

I started to feel overwhelmed. I’d been working my ass off, pitching ideas to my bosses, reading up on digital marketing strategy, and managing requests for sales collateral and the like from coworkers. I thought that all this work was getting me somewhere but, in hindsight, it wasn’t. I was spinning my tires trying to create a role for myself in an organization that, as I’d discover later, hadn’t given any thought to where I fit in. I was a recent grad essentially tasked with building an entire department on my own with little help. In retrospect, this was an impossible challenge and I was doomed to fail from the beginning, a fact that I (subconsciously) denied for many months.

Just under a year after I took the job, I handed in my two weeks. I was desperate for a level of growth that, I knew, I couldn’t achieve at this company. I started to wonder whether I could achieve it in marketing at all.

I’ll probably never find that out and that’s okay. I’ve started on a new career path – one where, I believe, I’ll find what I’m looking for.

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